Why Choose Us?

Improve your quality of life with a truly comprehensive glass improvement solution.

Window films for saving energy, solar protection and safety.
Panorama® blocks harmful rays while letting visible light through.Practically invisible when installed onto glass, Panorama® window films reject high levels of solar heat – offering you strong protection against bothersome glare, uncomfortable hotspots, and uneven temperature fluctuations. You’ll feel an immediate difference upon installation. Panorama® window films allow you to work with your blinds wide open, without the excessive solar heat you’d expect.

Panorama® window film improves energy efficiency.
These days, the need to conserve energy, reduce your company’s carbon footprint and conform to stricter environmental standards has never been greater. At the same time, the cost of energy continues to rise – affecting your company’s bottom line. With proven heat-rejection properties, Panorama® films help your business consume less energy by keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable – lowering the need for air conditioning, reducing extreme peaks in usage and allowing your cooling system to operate more efficiently and inexpensively.

Panorama® solar protection.
Nothing adds more ambience and energy to a workspace than natural light, but it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing. With natural sunlight comes unwanted heat and hotspots, which can affect everyone’s comfort. Panorama® window films reject up to 79% of total solar energy – providing your employees and customers with a more temperature-stable and comfortable environment. By reducing annoying glare, Panorama®window films improve visibility of computer screens and monitors and minimize eye strain.

Panorama® safety and security.
From severe weather and terrorism to burglary and vandalism, threats to human safety and property these days are on the rise. Which is exactly why the extra layer of protection that Panorama® safety and security window films provide is such a valuable addition to your building. Specially designed to absorb shock and hold shattered glass in place, Panorama®not only protects people from flying shards, but also provides a barrier against break-ins, bomb blasts, looting and interior damage.

Panorama® UV protection.
Even indoors, exposure to excessive ultraviolet light and heat can cost you more than you probably realize. UV light and solar heat coming through any window can cause fading and irreparable damage to everything from your merchandise, furnishings and precious artifacts, to your very own skin. Panorama® films reject solar heat and block over 99% of harmful UV light – protecting your valuable assets and interior furnishings from expensive sun damage.