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Improve your quality of life with a truly comprehensive glass improvement solution, Panorama® window film. Save energy while working more safely and more comfortably. With Panorama® window film professionally installed on your glass the benefits are clear: a cooler climate, protection of your interior furnishings from sunlight damage, and an environment safe from the risks of broken glass.

Determining which film is right for you. Prioritize your goals to determine your film needs:

Heat and comfort
Whether it’s a corner office or tables by an expansive window, keep every area of your building a consistent, comfortable temperature.

Energy consumption
Panorama® window film is an easy, cost-effective retrofit to boost overall energy-efficiency.Safety and securityGain protection against break-ins, vandalism and theft without blocking views or changing your building’s external appearance.

Enjoy your views without having to use blinds to block excessive glare.

Fade control
All Panorama® window films block 99% of UV light, the primary cause of fading.

Choose from a wide array of tints and colors, from optically clear to fully reflective, that allow you to change the appearance of your building as much or as little as you like.

Protect your occupants from onlookers and passers-by with a reflective film that blocks views into your building.

Let us match your goals to the extensive product line from Panorama®

Panorama® Hilite window films are high-performance films that are virtually undetectable. Hilite films provide exceptional solar control and protection from the sun’s damaging UV light.

The Panorama® Sterling series provides extraordinary solar control while admitting higher levels of visible light. Ranging from barely noticable tint to darker shades, these films have a subtle reflective finish from the outside.

The Dual Reflective Panorama® Slate series maximizes views with reduced interior and exterior reflectance. Privacy is increased during the day, while nighttime reflectivity is reduced for uncompromised views out at night.

Panorama® safety films are stronger, more durable films designed to hold broken glass in place, whether broken accidentally, shattered by wind-driven debris in a storm, or broken intentionally by a thief.

Feel confident in your purchase with professional installation and warranty coverage. Albuquerque Custom Tint & Glass offers strong warranty coverage for Panorama® window films.