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When choosing to tint your glass or windows there is only one clear choice in New Mexico—Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass Inc. Our trade mark panorama window film blocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. Not only does Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass Panorama window film protect against the sun, but our thin film blocks outsiders from looking in while allowing insiders to look out. Our smooth panorama window film will make any office building sleeker and shinier, cozier and cooler.

One element of protection provided by panorama window film is that it deters burglars and thieves from identifying your building as a potential target. If they can’t see what is in the building, how can they know what to steal? But custom glass and window tint also protects against a more insidious and subtle foe, the sun. Harmful UV rays are a very real threat to human health that is often ignored. Utilizing our Panorama window film will block out 99% of UV rays which are surely troublesome to human health. And not only does our panorama window film protect the people it shades, it also has beneficial effects on furnishing, dry wall, and utilities like computers. In a sense our window film is like a giant pair of sunglasses shading all it encompasses from the scorching sun.

Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass has more to boast of than a history of successful enterprise and reliable service; we are also proponents of health and safety and creators of comfort. When tinting we provide the utmost level of care and concern with this in mind. We know that there is more on the line than the job itself. There is the health and safety of everyone whoever enters the building at stake. We rest easy assured knowing that we are screen, a filter, keeping good light in and bad light out.

What exactly is Window Tint Anyway?

We all know what window tinting is right? It’s that dark coloring on car windows that makes it difficult to see inside. Well… that isn’t incorrect!Window tinting is great way to keep your privacy to yourself and cut down on the heat and light entering your car, but it is really much more than that!

“Window tint,” is more accurately called “Window Film.” The first thing to keep in mind when learning about tinted windows, is that the actually windows themselves are not tinted, rather the “tint” is a film that has been added to a window after it has been produced.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different formulations of window film that can be applied to the interior surfaces of cars, homes, commercial buildings, boats, and trails. Anything that has a window! The most common forms of window film are made from polyester. Polyester is well known for its strength, stability, and clarity.

Window films are typically differentiated by the components they contain. For example, films can be dyed, metalized, or ceramic depending on what their intended use is going to be. Some films are best for heat rejection, some are best for at reducing levels of visible light, while others are even capable of blocking ultraviolet radiation!

Automobile tinting is well known for its ability to reduce visible light transfer. To put it simply this means automobile tinting makes it difficult to see inside the car! States have laws regarding VLT, as making a window too opaque can be a danger. Some of the more strict states such as Alaska and Delaware only allow a VLT of 70%, while less strict states like Washington and Montana allow 24 %.

Those are the basics of window tint.

Condensation and Its Effect on Window Tint

April showers bring May flowers, but it also deteriorates window tinting. Due to the condensation typically associated with April and May, window tinting is especially prone to cracking or dissipating. It is at this time of year that we receive multiple calls from customers complaining about window tinting.

Window Tinting 101

Constituted of polyester, window tint is a coating on glass that is scratch resistant. This layer is usually hard and offers almost no flexibility. After a few years of exposure to hot and cold, the top coating will start to break down, especially when it is exposed to harmful UV light.The coating cracks, and tinting begins to show a lack of clarity initially, they become difficult to see through. As soon as condensation enters the equation, the process of deterioration accelerates. The water soaks the thin layer of tinting, and when it comes time to clean, the tint is literally wiped off the glass.

Facing the Facts

There is nothing you can do to extend the life of your tinting film. The only solution is complete replacement. This problem usually does not occur with frosted film or when used in extremely damp environments such as the bathroom. Frosted film can be obstructed by glue however. It will begin to shrink and develop wrinkles. Please reach out to us if your film is in need of replacing.

Why Tint Your Windows?

This is a question we’re entirely confident we can answer here at Albuquerque Custom Tint, stated simply and crudely: because tinted windows are awesome. I mean why else does every athlete, celebrity, and rich person tint there windows? But for those of you who want to get a bit more scientific, we have a few explanations for you my friends.

It’s Easy on the Eyes

The previous statement actually has a double meaning—who knew custom window tinting could be so poetic. It’s easy on the eyes from an external standpoint and an internal. In other words, it looks good and it’s good for your eyes. UV rays from the sun can be deleterious to your eyesight, and window tinting can mitigate some of the damage. What’s more, a car with tinted windows looks beautiful. It provides that sleek, suave look that says I’m someone important and successful.

Preservation of the Interior

Another advantage of window tinting is that it reduces the impact the sun has on your car. No doubt it will keep your interior looking clean and fresh much longer. If you have a leather interior, then window tinting is almost a must. There have been numerous studies by experts in the business proving that tinted windows preserve the interior of your car.

Call the Professionals Today

When it comes to tinted windows, there’s only one company in Albuquerque who distinguishes itself from the pack—Albuquerque Custom Tint. We treat every window like it belongs to one of our own cars. We like to think of window films like a nice pair of sunglasses that protects your eyes while making you look cool in the process.

Albuquerque Custom Tint & Glass

Winter can be pleasant in Albuquerque, but it gets cold here, too. When temperatures drop, here’s a cost effective remedy to make your home or office more comfortable while reducing your energy bill: Have your home or office windows tinted with high quality Panorama® window film expertly installed by Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass.

Several things must be considered in choosing the right Panorama® product for you. Albuquerque Custom Tint and Glass can advise you about which window film will work best for your situation.

Panorama® window film does more than keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Here are some other benefits Panorama®window tinting provides.

Glare and Fading

When the low setting sun throws spears of harsh light through your windows, blinding you isn’t the only result. The sun’s rays can damage your furnishings, fading them and damaging the fabrics. Panorama® window films block 99 percent of the sun’s ultra violet light. With Panorama® window film, you won’t need curtains or blinds, which ruin your view and diminish natural light.


Panorama® window film will also block prying eyes, and that means more privacy and security for you and your family. If thieves or vandals can’t see into your space they are less likely to break in.

Your Special Look

Another benefit of Panorama® window films is style. You have a choice of colors and tints. You can have a treatment that is optically clear or a reflective film that enhances the appearance of your home or office in subtle or dramatic ways.

Product Choices

Panorama® Hilite window film offers more performance, and it is undetectable on the windows. It also provides temperature control and UV protection.
Panorama® Sterling offers protection from the sun’s damaging rays while allowing more visible light to enter your space. This product is also undetectable and comes in a variety of colors, from light tints to darker colors. This film also has a gentle reflective finish on the exterior.

Make Your Choice

Albuquerque Custom Tint and Class can help you choose the perfect Panorama® product for you. Call today and let us help you achieve your window treatment goals. Our professionals will install the product of your choice and we offer a comprehensive product warranty.

Why Are Car’s with Tinted Windows Safer than Cars without?

Obviously, high quality window tinting looks spectacular. What’s more it increases the longevity of your vehicle’s interior. But, perhaps you might be surprised to learn that cars with window tinting are actually safer.

Window Tinting and Car Accidents

In the event that you are involved in a car accident, the direct impact of shattered glass can fragment shards and spray them at passengers. But, having a tinted window helps prevent against shattering, and thus, protects the driver. Indeed, the motivating factors for tinting your cars window are copious.

Protect Against UV Rays

Did you know that the UV rays from the sun are magnified by windows without tinting? Every ride to and fro work is an opportunity to build up skin cancer. But tinted windows prevent against dangerous UV rays that known to cause pathogens that cause cancer.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Window tinting allows one to look out from the inside, but prohibits another from looking inside from the outside. By tinting windows personal items hidden in the car will be difficult to see. Depending on state laws you can even tint your windows darker and protect your personal belongings.

Why Window Tinting For Your Home Is Such A Good Idea?

Adding window tinting to a home offers many benefits that are well worth considering by homeowners today. In fact, the amount of money saved over the long term because of window tinting can be quite substantial for a number of reasons. For example, one of the most obvious reasons to consider tinting the windows in your home is to simply save money on energy bills. In short, window tinting can make it easier to heat or cool your home.

More Freedom To Enjoy Natural Light

If saving money on energy bills were not enough there are other good reasons to consider taking advantage of modern window tinting. For example, privacy is a top priority of most homeowners today. When window tinting is correctly applied by a professional it can make it very difficult for individuals to see into a home during the day and in some cases even at night. In the most basic of terms, tinted windows will give homeowners more freedom to enjoy natural light during the day without having to close the blinds.

Keep A Home Cooler

Simply not having to use artificial light indoors during the day can also reduce energy bills. Another key factor to consider when it comes to tinting home windows is that of temperature control. Window tinting is often designed to reflect light, which can help to keep a home cooler at different times of the year. Furniture can also be maintained cooler and more comfortable by simply applying window type tint. Overall, a home can be far more comfortable through the use of high quality window tinting materials and products.

Blocking Harmful Incoming Ultraviolet Light

Finally, protecting the interior of a home through the use of tinted windows is well worth the time and effort. In fact, furniture can be expected to last longer when tinting is properly applied. Blocking harmful incoming ultraviolet light that would typically damage fabric, furniture, rugs and wall art is easy when the right type of tint is chosen. Simply stated, protecting valuables in your home and making your home last longer can be as easy as treating windows with the right type of tint material. Contact Albuquerque Custom Tint & Glass Inc. today to learn more about the residential window tinting Albuquerque residents trust and depend upon.